Lifegard Uno Duo Trio Pond Filters

Lifegard's new Uno, Duo, Trio pond filters come complete - filter, fountain attachment, and Quiet One pump. Ready to go out of the box. Both Mechanical and biological filtration. Traps debris and particulates. Removes pollutants. Three models for ponds from 1000 to 2000 gallons. Versatile filter can be expanded by adding optional filter chambers and UV light kit.

Uno Duo Trio Pond Filters
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Newly redesigned and upgraded pond filter from Lifegard Aquatics. Highly customizable. Designed to use self-contained filter baskets each with a long-lasting, 2-stage mechanical sponge and restrained biological media. More baskets stacked on top of each other provides more filtering capacity for larger ponds or more fish. Simple but elegant flow through the chambers. Mechanical sponge traps large particulates. Biological media is safely inside, and as water passes through, it is cleaned of pollutants by the living organisms (aerobic bacteria) that thrive on ammonia and other toxic chemicals.

Uno,Duo,Trio pond filters feature:

  • Submersible
  • Easy-to-clean Mechanical filter sponge. Can be replaced by alternative media if desired
  • 2-stage sponge (2 types) remove solids
  • Biological media in filter bag for pollutants
  • Side suction reduces clogging
  • Easy maintenance handle to facilitate removing from the water
  • Expandable for larger ponds or heavier fish load. Stack chambers taller and taller.
  • Expandable to UV filter with optional UV kit added
  • Kit includes Quiet One Pump (appropriate for size of filter), 1" MPT x 90-Degree Insert Fitting, and 1" Kink Resistant Hose, Filter sponge and media, & Fountain attachment.
  • Three models to choose from
    • Uno for ponds to 1000 gallons; Quiet One 2200 Pump 594 GPH; 15"x15"x6"H
    • Duo for ponds to 1500 gallons; Quiet One 3000 Pump 758 GPH; 15"x15"x10"H
    • Trio for ponds to 2000 gallons; Quiet One 4000 Pump 1022 GPH;15"x15"x12"H

Quiet One Pumps are the top-of-the line pond pumps. They feature They are energy efficient, powerful, versatile and corrosion-reistant. Can be used wet or dry. Internal recirculation helps eject debris. Adjustable flow control. Long life.

13 Watt UV Sterilizer Kit is easy to install. it will help to control unwanted algae and free-floating bacteria to keep the pond clear and healthy.

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