Eheim Universal Water Pump

Eheim Universal water pumps are for continuous circulation of aquariums or suitable for permanent outdoor use, both submerged and externally in ponds. Ceramic parts and an integrated pre-filter make it an outstanding choice for pond use.

Eheim Universal Water Pump
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EH12164 720686121645
EH12184 720686121843

Use in-line or submerged. Freshwater or saltwater. Up to 900 gph.

Eheim Universal Water Pump Features:

  • Centrifugal pump suitable for permanent use, both above and below water. Suitable for use in or out of fresh or salt water.
  • Superior construction: ceramic shaft, ceramic and carbon bearing for long life and durability
  • Integrated pre-filter allows efficient submerged use, while an interchangeable pressure connection is provided for tubing if the pump is installed externally.
  • Silent operation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Not self-priming.
  • Suction intake nozzle for hose connections. Can be unscrewed and sealed if suction is effected via pre-filter.
  • Variable attachment base for optimum assembly.
Model # Output Max Head Watts Hose Diam
Suction Side
Hose Diam
Pressure Side
L x W x H
1260 635 gph 12' 1" 65 Watts 1" ¾" 8.6"x4.6"x6.3"
1262 900 gph 11' 6" 80 Watts 1" ¾" 8.6"x4.6"x6.3"

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