Replacement U V Lights for Fish Mate Bio U V Pond Filters

Fish Mate pond filters require periodic replacement of foam and UV lights. While your UV light may appear to be lit up, it uses the highest spectrum of light, which is susceptible to burn out over time.

UV Replacement Lights for Fishmate Filters
Check UPC Codes
ANI329 035368003295
ANI330 035368003301
ANI332 035368003325
ANI274 035368002748
ANI275 035368002755
ANI276 035368002762
ANI333 035368003332
ANI334 035368003349

You cannot see the spectrum that is necessary for algae control. Your UV bulb should be replaced each season or when it has been used for about 11 months total use time.

Please note that the manufacturer or make of the bulb may differ from that shown.

Tube Light for Gravity UV Pond Filters

Bulbs for GUV Pond filters

  • ANI329: Replacement 8W UV-C lamp for Fish Mate 500 & 800 GUV Pond Filters ANI226 & ANI336
  • ANI330: Replacement 16W UV-C lamp for Fish Mate 1200 & 3000 GUV Pond Filters ANI337 & ANI315.
  • ANI331: Replacement 15W UV-C lamp for Fish Mate 6000 GUV Pond Filter *ANI239 (* requires 2 bulbs) and Fish Mate 15W Gravity UV+BIO Pond Filter ANI236.
  • ANI332: Replacement 25W UV-C lamp for Fish Mate 4000 GUV Pond Filter ANI237
UV Light for Fishmate Pressurized Pond Filter

Replacement Bulbs for Pressurized Pond Filters

  • ANI333: Replacement 24W UV-C lamp for Fish Mate 6000 PUV & 4000 GUV Pond Filters ANI320 & ANI350.
  • ANI334: Replacement 36W UV-C lamp for Fish Mate 9000 PUV Pond Filter ANI321
  • ANI274: Replacement 5W UV-C lamp for Fish Mate 500 PUV Pond Filter ANI264
  • ANI275: Replacement 9W UV-C lamp for Fish Mate 1000 & 2000 PUV Pond Filters ANI265 & ANI266
  • ANI276: Replacement 13W UV-C lamp for Fish Mate 3000 PUV Pond Filter ANI267

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