Fish Mate Pressurized UV Pond Filter

These pond filters offer combined UV and Biological Filtration for crystal clear purified water free of particulates, toxic chemicals, algae, and pathogens.

The patented Powerclenz automatic cleaning makes maintenance as easy as turning the knob. Comes absolutely complete except for pump and hose. Includes filter foam, filter media, and uv bulb. Can be partially buried or left above-ground.

Check UPC Codes
ANI264 035368092640
ANI265 035368092657
ANI266 035368092664
ANI267 035368092671
ANI320 035368093203
ANI321 035368093210

Pond filter maintenance is also much easier with the automatic cleaning system. The patented Powerclenz automatic cleaning is unique in that by twisting a knob, the filter automatically cleans itself. Simply turn the tap to position "Clean", and the foam will be squeezed with one thousand pounds force through water pressure, forcing out pond sludge.

  • FishMate Pressurized UV+Bio Pond Filter Features:
  • Easy installation above or below ground
  • Multisized inlet: 3/4", 1", or 1-1/4"
  • UV Chamber
    • Easy to Replace UV Lamp
    • UV Lamp-on indicator
  • Settlement Chamber
  • Profiled Filter sponge for mechanical filtration (supplied)
  • Fish Mate SUPRA biological filter media (supplied)
  • Lid secured by single clamp ring allows easy access for filter maintenance
  • Outlet may be extended with 3/4", 1", or 1-1/4" hose if required.
  • Use larger pump than minimum recommended size if adding fountains, waterfalls, or other decorative devices.
    • 264: ponds to 500 gal, needs pump min. 250 gph
      265: ponds to 1000 gal, needs pump min. 500 gph
      266: ponds to 1000 gal, needs pump min. 500 gph
      267: ponds to 3000 gal, needs pump min. 1500 gph
      320: ponds to 6000 gal, needs pump min. 3000 gph
      321: ponds to 9000 gal, needs pump min. 3000 gph
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  • 16' cord
  • UL listed (pending)
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty (excludes Lamp, Quartz Sleeve, and Media)
Model # Ponds up to: Pump Min GPH
UV watts
ANI264 500 gal 250 GPH
ANI265 1000 gal 500 GPH
ANI266 2000 gal 1000 GPH
ANI267 3000 gal 1500 GPH
13W UV
ANI320 6000 gal 3000 GPH
24W UV
ANI321 9000 gal 3000 GPH
36W UV

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