Aquatic Add-a-Sphere

Imagine feeding and gazing at your fish ABOVE the surface of your water garden.

Add A Sphere for ponds

See your fish from a new perspective day or night! Add-A-Sphere® appears to defy gravity. Install it with underwater lights and prepare for some beautiful night viewing of your fish. It brings your fish above the water line while magnifying them three times their size and adding a new dimension of excitement to any water garden or pond.

Add-A-Sphere® is filled with water and sits on the pedestal. This product has a feature which allows you to automatically feed inside the globe with ease. Watch your fish feed, in a magnified view!

With Add-A-Sphere® your viewing pleasure does not have to end when the sun goes down. Simply place your underwater light beneath it and prepare for night time viewing like never before. Watch your fish shimmer and dance under the stars as Aquatic Add-A-Sphere® glows with life even on the darkest night.

Kit comes complete with sphere, underwater base, feeder device and instructional manual: everything necessary to easily install your Add-A-Sphere® in your pond in minutes!

Add-A-Sphere Features:

  • Magnification of your fish up to 3x
  • Easy Installation
  • Night viewing (with added light not included)
Add A Sphere Installation Instructions

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